Building engaging platforms to educate and entertain.

DogeZilla strives to create a connected community where crypto is accessible to everyone. $DOGEZ is a decentralized ERC-20 token with locked liquidity.


Whether you want to rock DogeZilla hoodies, wear nice DogeZilla hats or show off some cool gadgets to your friends and family, we have it all.


DogeZilla NFT collection is coming soon. Collect & trade 10,000 uniquely generated DogeZillians™ on Binance NFT Marketplace. Reveal date will be announced soon.


Get ready to play the first meme-token platformer game in the world. Play as DogeZilla and fight your way through many levels to reach The Moon! Blast away all of your enemies and show everyone why you can’t be beat!


With the Academy platform we aim to educate everyone about crypto, no matter your level being new to crypto or already a veteran. We also grant rewards in the form of DogeZilla tokens to our students.


Nice to meet you.

We at DogeZilla have a vision of the future of the world. While people are being pushed away from each other, we want the world to become a vibrant community. Making DeFi accessible, understandable and open to the world.

We realize our origins lie with the meme culture and we are more than happy with it! Memes just might be one of the greatest tools that brought people together in laughter, forgetting everything and just enjoying the moment. So we are more than happy to be called a meme token, as we see this as something positive!

Change comes from within.

Just like Godzilla, we want to break down walls and barriers, just not in the same way our big cousin did. We want to destroy barriers of negativity, walls of anger and ceilings of hate to bring to you, our beloved DogeZillians, a fun and positive ecosystem to be yourselves and enjoy each other’s (digital) presence.

This is why we, DogeZillians, and many other early communities should not look at each other as competitors or rivals as we are all standing together at the forefront of a new age. A community without the sense of brotherhood, family and comradery is no community at all.

DogeZilla Mark

A community that stands together.

Let’s make this one of the greatest and most sincere communities in crypto (not attacking the many beautiful communities that already exist), and bring change and positivity to our world 😊.

We will be preserving a portion of our total supply solely for contributions to charity. Via our website we will also give our DogeZilla community the opportunity to donate directly to a charity of their choosing.

Because we believe transparency is very important, we don’t hold back and tell our fellow DogeZillians how it is! Not holding back any details about what we are working on, what we have in the pipeline, partnerships, upcoming initiatives, and more! So don’t miss out and make sure to follow us via our social media channels.

A roadmap that delivers,
with more to come.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

DogeZilla Tokenomics


$DOGEZ Tokens
Circulating Supply

Liquidity locked forever so everyone can enjoy this community without a chance on rug pulls.

Team & Marketing

For our upcoming development and marketing plans.

How to buy $DOGEZ

Contract address: 0x4d8046b2f7986feb5a4b0781ebf5fa2d7a808617

Step 1: Add funds

Add $ETH funds to your MetaMask wallet. You can download MetaMask on as a browser extension.

For mobile, download the app here:

Step 2: Go to Uniswap

Go to then choose swap and connect your MetaMask wallet (right-top corner).

Step 3: Swap ETH/DOGEZ

Swap your $ETH with $DOGEZ by entering the contract address (see above) and click on Import.

Don’t forget to adjust your slippage to ensure a smooth swap.

Or use the Uniswap integration below to buy $DOGEZ